The Norii are coming! The Norii are coming!

Two of our favorite Mensans are making the trek down to Pandemic! and we’re super excited!

Lori Norris (a member of Rhode Island Mensa and current AMC First Vice Chair) will be running a session with Jason Seiler (our Regional Vice Chair for Region 2) called Meet the AMC.  Have a question about the AMC, Mensa or fun events; just ask… if she doesn’t have the answer they’ll try to find out later for you. Lori has two hobbies – Mensa and her husband Ron, a fellow M she met at an RG.

And speaking of….

Ron Norris has honed his bar tending skills by serving hundreds of mango margaritas at Cape Cod Mini RG, Albany’s RechaRGe, Connecticut’s MensAutumn and Boston’s Wicked Good RG, and we were lucky enough to have him serve all of MWM’s women (and a few of the men!) at Pandemic last year. He also tempts his wife and others with Strawberry Piña Coladas and various other imbibments.  Let’s see what he tempts us with in August! 🙂  We hear tell there might be a margarita bar.




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