Scotch Tasting Signup

Update (7/30): We’re considering opening another 20 slots if we can build up a wait list.  Let us know if you’re interested!


Jason Seiler is hosting the scotch tasting on Friday night… we have up to 20 slots available for $15/ea.  This is a fee-based event, as Jason is providing scotch from his personal collection.

If you’d like to secure a spot ahead of time, please reach out to Tabby Vos or reply to this post, and we will add your name.  After confirmation that you have a spot, we’ll ask that you send payment.  We will update this list with payment status as well.


List (as of 8/18/2017):

  1. Kit Hope (paid)
  2. Darius Stangu (paid)
  3. Nancy Farrar (paid)
  4. Perry Farrar (paid)
  5. Matt Grob (paid)
  6. Tammy Metz (paid)
  7. Tiffany Carter (paid)
  8. Peter DuDeck  (paid)
  9. Tom Schnorrenberg (paid)
  10. Bill Zigo (paid)
  11. Phil Baun (paid)
  12. Joel Huddleston (paid)
  13. Maggie Lada (paid)
  14. Ryan Barrett (paid)
  15. Dave Aronson (paid)
  16. Esther Nasjleti (paid)
  17. Laura Smith (paid)
  18. Bethany Danyluk (paid)
  19. Timmy King (paid)
  20. Rod Cowan (notified)


Wait List (as of 8/18/2017):

  1. Laura Garver Ingram
  2. Heather E


Session Details:

Have you ever wanted to try Scotch whisky, but you don’t know enough to order it in a bar? What is the difference between a Highland, a Lowland, and an Islay? Wait, isn’t whisky spelled with an “e”?

Known whisky enthusiast Jason Seiler will help with these and more as he presents on the origin, etymology, and process of making Scotch whisky. During the presentation, participants will be treated to six servings of whisky, each a single malt aged 10 years or better, and one each from the six whisky-producing regions of Scotland.


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