Less than a month to go! ;D

We are closing in on the RG!  Some housekeeping items:

Keynote Dinner:  Just an FYI that we have 30 tickets remaining for the keynote banquet.  Attending the dinner is the only way to see our keynote speaker (Krishanti Vignarajah), who promises to be amazing!  We will not be able to simulcast the keynote address into a nearby room this year due to having a different banquet space.  You can register for tickets here!

Hotel:  Our hotel block closes next Friday (7/28) and it is unlikely we’ll be able to extend the block any further per the hotel.  Please reserve your room here!  We have about 20 rooms remaining.

Volunteer:  As always, an RG is an all-volunteer effort.  We appreciate any and all help, and hope you’ll sign up for a shift or two.  It’s the best way to meet people and ensure that we can keep throwing awesome parties 😉  We’ll be raffling off two paid registrations for next year’s Pandemic.  You can sign up here!

Program:  We have a high-level program up on the website and will include the printed program in the next week or so.  The At-A-Glance program is available here!


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