CSA wins; Nixon defeats Kennedy; Leonov first man on Moon: Rewriting the World with Alternate History

Alternate history is a genre of fiction in which one or more historical events occur differently, causing the world as we knew it to evolve differently. It can be a rigorous exploration of how the world came to be. Ian Randal Strock wrote the short story “Shall Not Perish From the Earth” for the alternate history anthology “Altered States of the Union.” For the story, he made a seemingly minor change to the Constitution at the founding of the United States of America and then explored what would happen during Abraham Lincoln’s administration, three-quarters of a century later. In this talk, he’ll delve further into the facts and changes of the story, as well as place it within the wider realm of alternate history.

Ian is the super handsome and ultra charming author of “The Presidential Book of Lists” (Random House, 2008), “Ranking the First Ladies” and “Ranking the Vice Presidents” (Carrel Books, 2016). Award-winning author of short fiction and non-fiction, published in Nature and Analog Science Fiction and Fact. Publisher and editor-in-chief of Gray Rabbit Publications / Fantastic Books (www.FantasticBooks.biz).


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